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Bunny Manor Catch Up October 2023

Hello everyone~ First off I must apologize as I definitely haven't updated this as much as I should've over the past 6 months. Things have been absolutely wild with moving houses and just generally getting back on my feet. Since my last post I have started with a new YCH series called Bunny Manor, and those of you who follow my DeviantArt know of all the fun that has been happening over the last couple months!


Bunny Manor is a YCH series focused on the theme Bunny Girl/Boy with many different sub-themes. Each month a set amount of YCH poses will be released along side sub-theme outfits that will be cycled out throughout the months to keep things fresh. Because of this, aside from the classic set all other outfits will be unavailable outside of their themed month. However, all YCH poses that are created within this series will be interchangeable and compiled for use within future Bunny Manor entries. Pin-Up YCH's will also be available throughout the series.

While you can still choose to have a Classic Set outfit for your Bunny Manor YCH, Spooky Bun themed outfits will only be available until October 29th 2023, after which they will cycle out for the next sub-theme outfit voted in. This month there are 5 new outfits, 5 new poses, and two new backgrounds to choose from, making the choices even more expansive to customize your YCH with~

Mix and match to create your own sequence, group, or individual YCH picture to enter in the series! Every month all entries within that given month will be entered into a poll for Bunny of the Month~ *Unless you opt out of it in the YCH Form.* (Only Original Characters are eligible for the poll, as the owner gives consent for use within next month's cover. More information below.)

Join the YCH Club to check out it's exclusives while also getting some added perks! This month there are some exclusive Lingerie themed outfits as well as an exclusive background~

Please note that if entries are flooded, your entry may have to be pushed to next months poll due to work and time constraints.

With that out of the way, lets move on to the fun parts of this series!

This Month's Releases:

Welcome to the month of spooky fun~ I had a lot of fun at least designing all of these new outfit options. The backgrounds took me FOREVER to do though (as you may be able to tell) but I am soooo happy with how they all turned out! The YCH Club also has some correlating lingerie themed outfits available as well as an exclusive background too~ Check it out below!

Price Points for YCH's:

• Color Flat: $18/per pose

• Color Shade: $24/per pose • Color Single Soft Shade: $32/per pose *Available only for portraits*

• Color Double Soft Shade Shade: $44/per pose *Available only for portraits*

ADD ONS *Discounts do not effect these prices*:

• Custom Outfit: +$15 Simple Design (2 layers or less) • + $30 Complex Design (3 layers or more) *Per character*

•Custom Pose (Within the 5 Max) - +$15/per pose regardless of finish.

•Custom Background - +$40 regardless of finish. *Must have a reference*

If you're interested and you're ready to join, please fill out and send the YCH form below~ You will be sent a paypal invoice accordingly, please keep in mind that Sequence/Group slots are on a first come first serve basis.


Email Address:

Are you collabing with someone? (Y/N):

>If yes: Are you splitting the bill?

>> If yes: What is the collaborator’s email address?

Reference(s) & Name(s) of Character(s):

What poses are you getting? (list in the order you want them to be in):

Flipping any of those poses?:

Finish Method (Color Flat/Shade/etc):

Outfit Wanted (refer to pose letters):

^Please be sure to provide a starting and ending outfit if you are doing a sequence^

>Starting Outfit:

>Ending Outfit: ^>Any outfit adjustments (With or without ears/tail/etc)

Color Pallet Wanted (Up to 5 Colors) (RGB Code 000,000,000):

Custom Text (separate based on pose/order):

Custom Expressions (separate based on pose/order):

Background Wanted:

Do you want to be sent an approval sketch? (Y/N): Do you wish to be entered in the poll for Bunny of the Month? (Y/N) *Entering within this poll requires acknowledgement of use of character by their owner to be used for promotional purposes by Typhoon Manga (if won) within the Bunny Manor series. In return, the cover artwork will be provided for personal use to the winner along with the voucher of their choice, all with no financial compensation.*

Do you want your YCH to be featured in collectible card packs? *No monetary compensation offered. By replying Y(es) this will serve as approval to include your YCH in the collectible card set.* (Y/N):

*Optional Section:

Facial Feature Selection (If wanted from guide above^):

Body Type (Use guide above ^):

Hairstyle, Body Shape, etc.:


Any Add-Ons?:


*Please do keep in mind that since everyone's YCH's are being sketched individually, there will be inconsistencies between all YCH's and small details.

If you have any questions regarding this feel free to comment or note me!

At the end of each month, each entrant from Bunny Manor within that month will be put up in a public poll (unless withdrawn or features a character not owned by participant) to be voted as "Bunny of the Month" in which the most voted bunny will win to be featured on next months cover! Along with that, the winning bunny will receive a voucher for a Color Flat YCH Pose (x1 Pose) for use in any YCH they desire OR a Color Shade Chibi YCH voucher~ (which can be inside or outside the Bunny Manor Series). *Entering within this poll requires acknowledgement of use of character by their owner to be used for promotional purposes by Typhoon Manga (if won) within the Bunny Manor series. In return, the cover artwork will be provided for personal use to the winner along with the voucher of their choice, all with no financial compensation.

Bunny of the Month cannot be won twice in a row, with there needing to be a month gap in between the entries for the same character to be entered in the poll once more. The polls will only feature entries within that given month, so once that month is over the entry pool will be reset and only entries purchased within that next month will be featured in the next poll.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to comment and I will try to get back with you as soon as I can! I hope you all enjoy this new series and I look forward to seeing many bunnies in the future~

Character featured Bunny of the Month Eliza Fetch26291

©2023 Typhoon-Manga do not use, copy, steal, trace, tamper with, or redistribute.


A complete pose guide will be posting soon, as there are plenty of other poses you can choose to customize your YCH even further with this months' release! To see the other poses now before the guide is released, check them out by clicking the links below:

Pin Up YCH Releases:

Chibi YCH Releases:

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