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Typhoon Ball 2022-'23 Slot Availability (General)

Updated: Jan 7

Hi everyone~

I am here with the slot availability for the general release of the Typhoon Ball 2022-23 event! These slots will be releasing periodically throughout the course of the event, so be sure to check back in often~!

With that being said, Sequence Slots will be done a little differently this year and will be broken down into 3 different categories: 3 Poses, 4 Poses, and 5 Poses. A single user can only claim one slot per release until the next release is open. (Example: All 3 & 5 Pose slots have been taken but there's 1 more 4 pose, if you want that one and the next release comes, you can reserve that 4 pose slot and whatever other single slot for the current release).

Please keep in mind that Sequence Slots are first come first serve, which means that you will have 12 hours to pay for the slot in order to reserve it. Although having a YCH Form filled out before hand is preferred, since these are limited you may pay to reserve a slot and submit your YCH form at an acceptable later time (within 24 hours preferred so I can get started on it). All Couples, Singles, and Poof Sequences are unlimited in quantity and do not require a Slot to obtain.

December 26th 2022 Release-

Below are the Sequence Slots released and are up for grabs. Once they are paid for, they will have a username next to it to show it's been reserved.


1- Malkaiwot

2- Kieros (bub314159)

3- Open


1- Open

2- Open


1- Open

Next Release... December 30th 2022

To obtain a slot, please comment down below which slot you wish to take along with the user name it should be registered to.

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