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About Us

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     Typhoon Manga is an independently ran small business with a focus on the style of Japanese comics, known as manga. When I first started out, Typhoon Manga was created out of a hobby to flash animate on Youtube, as the years progressed, it ended up transforming into an art page on Deviant Art until eventually growing into a full on business.

     With the support of the community on DeviantArt, Typhoon Manga was given the ability to grow and enhance the art skills previously learned. With the help and support of it's followers, Typhoon Manga has had the chance to branch out and explore it's publishing journey with exclusive manga and book titles. 

     From fantasy to educational, Typhoon Manga strives to create quality content everyone can enjoy. With due time, there will soon be a whole library to access for your entertainment needs! To keep up to date on all things Typhoon Manga, consider signing up for the newsletter!

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