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  • Do I need to Sign up for the Rewards Program?
    Yes, you need an account with both Typhoon Manga and in order to start recieving rewards points. To avoid confusion with the app, you should sign up on first as a free member and then start your rewards account by following the steps when you click on the "Reward Points" button on any page of
  • Where can I see the latest Event information?
    Head on over to: Event Information
  • I purchased the Event Pass, now what?"
    Thank you for purchasing an Event Pass! You will have access to the Event Pass Page and all of it's exclusives once the Event, that you purchased a pass to, starts. Please keep in mind that the Event Pass only allows for the account that it was purchased with access to the exclusives, and cannot be shared with other users.
  • I can't access the Event Pass Page.
    Please be sure to double check the starting and ending of the Event that you purchased your Pass for. If the event has yet to start, the Event Pass Page is not up. If it has started and you do not have access to it, please do not hesitate to reach out to me and I will see what is going on. If the event has ended and you no longer have access to the Event Pass Page, the page has been taken down in preparation for the next event and you no longer have access to it.
  • How do I purchase YCH's through your Shop?
    You should be able to select the finish that you are wanting for your YCH within the listing. After that, you will have to go to the cart page and adjust the number of poses that you are wanting for your YCH in the quantity box. Once you have all of your YCH poses and add on's added, continue to check out.
  • What happens after I make a YCH purchase?
    You should be recieving a download link with extra info on the event and how long it takes for your YCH to get finished. Typically, depending on the complexity of your YCH and the amount of entrants there are to the said Event/Slotted YCH, it can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to finish. You will recieve a sketch via the email provided under your account details, and once the sketch is approved, the finishing processes will begin.
  • Where can I view your Commission Price Sheet?
    You can view the most up to date pricing for Custom Commissions over on:
  • How can I tell if your Custom Commissions are open?
    You can refer to the Typhoon-Manga DeviantArt page or by referring to theCustom Commission's Announcment Post.
  • How do I get a Custom Commission from you?
    My website is currently not set up to accept Custom Commissions right now due to the slot system I currently have. However, if you are interested in a Custom Commission, or in a general business venture, feel free to fill out the contact form in the About Us section with details of your project. You will need to provide a PayPal email address for me to send invoices.
  • What are your Custom Commission Policies?
    You can find the most current information here:
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