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Series Titles

Blood Maid Volume 1 Covermed.png

Dive into a world where Vampires rule in oppression to the humans populating the planet. Follow the life of Ezta, a young maiden specially bred to create and maintain an overabundance of blood to help feed the Vampire Masters of her mansion. Serving the Queen Elect Alina, Ezta is enslaved to her every beck and call. 

Peer into Kelniva, a place ruled unlike your own world and discover a fantasy filled with blood, romance, and drama. You'll find it here, only with Typhoon Manga.

Disaster on Kimii St Logo.png

Embark on a comedic tale as Kimii goes throughout her life of misfortune and bad luck. Tailed by the mysterious man known as Master Dane, follow her story as curious mishaps and magic unfolds all around her!

Disaster on Kiimii Street  vol 1 cover.2
Nightmare x witch cover2medwa.png
Nightmare Witch Logo2.png

Hitomi is a Nightmare Witch, a magical being who can enter into peoples' dreams. As she traverses the dreamscape of unknowing dreamers, she collects magical items to help with the growth of the Midnight Witches Committee, a secret society made up of Witches and Wizards. Her job would be easy if it weren't for the hurdle that the existence of all magic must be kept a secret from the public. That all changes when Hitomi's crush witnesses her in his nightmare, forcing her out to a face to face confrontation.

typhoon mangas pocket guide to digital c

How to Draw Anime Series

Learn how to draw anime beginning with the basics! This guide series features step by step tutorials on how to draw some of the basic things needed to get you started as well as more advanced techniques in higher level books. From how to draw heads to basic anatomy, this series is perfect for those looking to start learning or for those who are just needing a bit of a refresher. 

Destiny's Calling

Wings of Oblivion

Embark on an epic TG adventure as Chidoku is forced into a life on the run. Possessed by a fallen angel that was given to him in the form of an accursed necklace, Chidoku must now run from a dark kingdom hell bent on gaining control and ruling over the dimension he resides in.


Hunted down by the beings of a dark kingdom, Chidoku flees in confusion with hopes of finding help from unlikely places.

This Title is Discontinued


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