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Exactly what is “Project Manga!” ?

       Project Manga! is a monthly supporter program much like Patreon.  Each month you can subscribe to the program and support the  development and completion of a featured manga title. For your support, you will receive the various perks (and items) depending  on which tier you choose to support!


        By choosing to join the program, you will directly contribute to the manga projects, allowing Typhoon Manga to create and publish manga content on a more consistent basis. This means you will no longer have to wait forever for your favorite series title to develop and release!​

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Stretch Goal #1

100+ People per month

Monthly giveaways are instated!

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Once this goal is reached, monthly giveaways will start to take place!

A Special Thank You To Our Supporters!

Without you, this wouldn't be possible!

  • AcetrainerSo-So

  • BladeMech22

Project Details

Depending on if the second stretch goal is hit, the time it will take to complete a full chapter will range from 3-4 months. During this period of time, everyone who is subscribed to Project Manga will receive updates on progresses VIA the early WIP feed on the Discord Server, as well as email updates detailing where the chapter is that month. There may be some instances where the specific month will be dedicated to reference sheet or story writing work, and in that case all subscribers will still have WIP previews of all art worked on that month, as well as written story paragraph previews for that specific chapter. 

As an added bonus, if you are subscribed the entire time it takes to produce a chapter, you will receive 100 bonus rewards points! 

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This Months Project

There is currently no project. Project Manga is on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Please stay tuned for updates!

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