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Considering Typhoon Manga for a commission or an art business venture? Check out the portfolio for some of the most up-to-date examples! Date last updated: October 2023

Manga Works

As my business name implies, I specialize in manga and anime styles. Here are a few of my finest pages to date. These pieces are specifically from Typhoon Manga Self Published series.

Commissioned Works

A big part of what I do is commissions, and although this is only a fraction of the commissions I finish, here are a few of my best pieces. To see more, check out my DeviantArt Gallery by clicking the button below. There you will see many commissioned works featuring many different categories including TG (genderbend) and transformation. 

Want to Commission/Hire Me?

First of all, thank you for considering me for your project! Without your support I most definitely wouldn't be able to do what I love. If you are considering me to be apart of your project, please be sure to check the availability of the custom commission slots, as they aren't always open. You can typically see the availability of slots and whether or not they are open over on DeviantArt. If there is an open slot available, then feel free to check out the commission pricing and shoot me a message either through DeviantArt or through the contact form.

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