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Rules of the Forum

By joining the members section of, you agree to the rules of the forum as listed below.

1. No profanity of any kind will be tolerated here on this forum. There are young audiences here and the site will be treated as an all ages ground.

2. Be respectful of others boundaries, if they tell you to stop, please stop.

3. Do not be discriminatory. This site is meant to be as a forum where many will partake in. If you are caught discriminating against another be it for age, gender, race, sexual preference, disability, etc. you will be subject to boot.

4. Admins have authority to:

  •     Kick or Ban a member if they violate any of the rules.

  •     Approve or Disapprove any postings (may also result in the take down of said postings).

  •     Moderate the Forum and keep the rules in check.

  •     Add members and invite new members to the site.

  •     Create announcements and postings deemed along the lines of announcements.

5. No mature content shall be posted in the forums. As stated before, this is an all ages ground so there will not be any 18+ content allowed. If you are caught posting MA material you will be subject to immediate ban.

6. If you have an event that you want to run through the forum, be it an RP room or a different type of chat room, contact an admin with your forum template plans to get it approved and posted. 

*The Rules may be updated at any given point in time, in which a notification will be posted when changes are made*

Now that you've read through the rules, enjoy the forum!

Updated: 8/22/2018

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