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Custom Commission Pre-Pay Sale!

Hiya everyone! I apparently forgot to put the post here on my website, so here it is- with just a week left you can get in on the Pre-Pay Sale!

What this means is that you may Pre-Pay on any Custom Commission with the current prices listed in the stash and within this sale period you can choose to get either 10% off now OR a 10% back code for use on future commissions or purchases through the Typhoon Manga shop. If you decide to get the 10% back, your code will be distributed after the sale end period and can only be attained once the Custom Commission you got it from is 100% paid. (This also goes without saying but just to clarify, the 10% back cannot be applied to the Custom Commission it came from, only on new, future, Custom Commissions or Shop Purchases.)

An example of the 10% back code would be if you got a Color Shade Full Body Portrait of one character for $49, you would get a code for $4.90 after the deadline has passed (and you're 100% paid). You could then use that code/credit towards a free digital manga on the Typhoon Manga website or even towards a new Custom Commission for $4.90 off. Of course, the code will vary between what type of you commission you get and how much you spend, but you could even choose to split up the 10% back between different purchases for multiple smaller discounts across the board (i.e $1.50 for a collectible button pin and $3.40 towards a $17 bust sketch etc.)

The biggest reason for this sale is that I have been wanting to get a few new pieces of art equipment that is going to be pretty spendy. What I will be aiming to get is an Ipad Pro and an Apple Pen so that I can take my artwork on the go (since the biggest reason for delay is so much time away from my office with my part-time job). My goal for this sale is to get around $1,000 or more to hopefully afford these new pieces, but of course if that isn't reached it'll be something that is saved.

Something new that I am going to be doing that may peak some peoples' interests is that I will be allowing some NSFW commissions within this sale, to test the waters and boundaries that I am willing to take. However, this also means that in order to post on DeviantArt, there are some rules that will have to be followed in order to meet guidelines. If you are at all curious as to if your idea is doable, feel free to PM me after looking over the DA article:

This mainly illustrates that if your NSFW commission falls within the guidelines, it can be posted with a mature tag, and if it has themes w/ acts, it will be posted in a subscription/paid for gallery only.

This Pre-Pay sale will go on from now until June 18th 2022. All Custom Commissions from this sale will be started in the order they are placed with fully paid status within the 3 slots for the Custom Commission section. All other Pre-Pay orders will await a slot to open up in the wait list in the order that they've paid.

Once the deadline for the Pre-Pay sale is up, Custom Commissions will be expected to be started/worked on June 22nd 2022 in the order they are received (via paid status). Furthermore, anyone who chooses to get the 10% back code will have their codes distributed between the 19th and the 21st of June, given that the Custom Commission is 100% paid off. If you choose to take 10% off, it will be immediately applied to the Custom Commission.

When you are ready to place a Pre-Pay Custom Commission, please Note me here in DeviantArt or email me with the details of your Custom Commission. This should include the idea you have in a brief summary, the type of Custom Commission it is, the type of finish you would like to get, and whether or not you need a payment plan, as well as what kind of discount you wish to receive (10% off now OR 10% back for the future).

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask! I will try to get back with everyone in a timely matter~

Typhoon Manga

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