Event Pass Availability

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Hello to everyone!

If you have purchased an Event Pass, you have the exclusive access to the Mermaid Cove Group YCH! With one slot included in each Event Pass, you check check below to make sure that the pose you want is still available to choose from!

Once all the original Event Pass Purchasers have chosen their one slot, the remaining slots will be available at $12/each. If there is a slot you want for a "couples" selection, but is taken, chat below while tagging the person who has said slot and see if they would be willing to trade.

Thank you all again for joining in on the Mermaid Event fun! Now, for the available slots:





G1 (Turpshi), G2 (srgntsrew), G7 (Lyhokoleaci- Yuno), G5 (lato-orillian), G3 (madcapguy), G6 (Zullumaster), G4, G9, G10 (samiamrg7), G8 (Lyhokoleaci- Leaci)

all remaining slots are now available for purchase at $12/ea

Updated 8/9/21 9:44 AM PDT

Sea Flower Fin (Illusive) Availability:

2/5 taken

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