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May 2021 Update

Hi there everyone!

I am here with a late May 2021 update, sorry about it being nearly at the end of the month. Things have been very busy and I have been trying to buzz right along. With Summer Break coming up though, I am looking forward to having a little more time to dedicate to art stuff!

Commissions are still closed and the MerMay event is still postponed until further notice. One big thing however will affect Project Manga in June of 2021. I am gearing up to enter in two different international manga contests that will need new stories. I will be taking a break from creating for Project Manga during the month of June 2021 to prepare for these contests and submit them by the deadline required. The reason why I will be taking a break is because I am aiming to put my best foot forward in these contests, after all, the grand prizes are trips to Japan! I know that there will be many talented artists and authors entering in these contests, so I am hoping to get in the rankings at least.

As mentioned in the April 2021 update, if you have an outstanding commission invoice, be sure to pay it off before June to reserve your pricing and place once custom commissions re-open. I am going through and doing a pricing update that will be updated in June of 2021. Once these prices are updated, all older invoices will be cancelled. You can of course request that the invoice be re-instated with the updated pricing, but all old pricing invoices will be null after the updates are posted.

Anyways, that is about it for this month’s update! June’s update will most likely be shorter than this one since a lot of bases have been covered already. I hope you all have been awesome and well~ I will see you next time

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