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Site Remodel and Update

Welcome everyone to the new version of ! I know I try to occasionally update the site, but I felt it was time for a new look. It has also been a while since I last updated this Blog, so I am going to try to be better with this in the future as I move forward.

A few new key things to note are the addition of the Rewards Points System and page updates. First up being the Rewards Points System, ran through, this will reward all members that actively participate in the community! Ranging from product purchases to bonus rewards for joining Project Manga, once you have enough points saved up you can use them towards a reward of your choice! Right now since it is new, we are only on the free plan, but I plan to upgrade it once we hit the first stretch goal on Project Manga! Things are pretty limited with the free plan, but I believe there will be more features once that is upgraded.

The next thing to discuss is the update of all pages. Project Manga will be relaunching on February 2nd 2021 and will feature early access to WIP's on the Discord Server, as well as a rotating Manga Library which will have 10 pages of manga each month, rotating out as there is new content produced. There is only one tier for the subscription now, and as stretch goals are hit there will be more additions to the program!

I've also updated all of the sub pages, condensing the Contact and About Me sub pages into one tab under Home. I've also updated my Portfolio to feature some up-to-date examples of works that have commissioning info along side it. My series titles have also been brought up to date, all with new purchase links over on the shop. And for events, members, and website info, hover over the More tab to get a drop down of what else there is to see on the site. One last thing to note is that there is a new FAQ's section, which I've added a few questions and answers that are typically asked. If there is by chance a good question that you think should be added to that section, feel free to ask it!

That is about all I have to say about the updates to the website. I believe that this is the best my site has looked and I am quite proud of it. 2020 was a rough year and I believe a coat of fresh paint is just the thing we need~ Now, onto the 2021 Event Calendar where there are a few things I would like to touch on as well.

Now that January has come and gone, there are some events that are coming up that will be fun! 2021 will be a quieter year, since I got a part time job. This does not mean that I will be dropping Typhoon Manga, but I will be managing my time a little differently to make sure both of my obligation needs are met. With that being said, the soonest Event that is coming to you all is the Valentines Day Event!

During this Event, there will not be an Event Pass, since I initially wasn't planning on doing anything for Valentines Day. However, I did a poll on DeviantArt, and it turns out everyone wants to see at least something, so it's going to be a smaller Event. The Valentines Day 2021 Event will feature a 5 pose YCH Sequence set, a Group YCH, 2 Couples YCH's (1/2 body) and something new- An Engagement Manga YCH! The Manga YCH will be a 2 page YCH with one page being set and the last page giving you an option between two variations. This is definitely something new so I am testing the waters out to see how it will all work out in the end.

The Valentines Day Event will last 10 days this time around, from February 4th to February 14th. If there are enough Group YCH participants, I hope to be able to do the Group YCH sketching on stream February 14th (which will replace Monday's stream).

The next event that will be up will be the Bridal Fashion Show Event, which will feature, you guessed it, Bridal Gowns! I haven't done a Bridal theme since 2016, so I am pretty excited to see how this all turns out. This event WILL have an event pass for purchase 5 days before the event starts. The event will last for 2 weeks, with the date of start to be announced near the end of February.

This Event Calendar does not cover everything that will be happening this year, just the Events that are currently planned. There will be some Slotted YCH's throughout the year that you can get in on and of course Custom Commissions will be opening and closing throughout the year depending on circumstances. The yearly price revision will also happen again in June 2021, so if you are thinking about getting a Custom Commission, be sure to do it before the price revision as pricing will change!

One last thing to cover before I end this journal regards my series titles for the upcoming year. First off, I will be giving a lot of my attention to Blood Maid, with Disaster on Kimii St. following closely after. I am also thinking about creating a Webtoon, and it is currently in the idea development stage. If I end up do doing a Webtoon, Project Manga will have some bonus perks that'll include it, which will most likely be early access to it through my website. However, that is in the future! :D I am hoping Project Manga grows enough to where I can start incorporating more titles into the working roster, as I have a few more story ideas I would love to flesh out. However, at this current time Blood Maid and Disaster on Kimii St. are going to be my top two series priorities for the time being, so I hope you are looking forward to them developing~

I think that about covers everything that I wanted to touch on. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I know it's kind of a long one but there were quite a few topics to cover since it's been a long time since I last posted a Blog on here. I hope you all are doing well and I will see you next time when I post the Monthly Newsletter!

Typhoon Manga

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