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Upcoming Titles! 06/06/2019

Hello everyone!

I wanted to take a moment to write on here since it's been a little while since I last did so. Since my wedding is all finished with I am starting to get kicked into gear with projects and figured I would make official mention with the next titles I am planning on releasing!

First up is a slightly revised name for a book that I am redoing the contents for and it is

*Typhoon Manga's Pocket Guide to Digital Color*

While the art for the cover of this book isn't finished, I figured I should share it so you guys can look forward to seeing it! In this book I will go over multiple methods on how to color digitally, based on my own experiences. It will be packed with tips and tricks as per my other how to book, but will be small enough to fit in your backpack to cart around. I am pretty excited to share my knowledge with you all and I hope you all are too!


The next title I am planning on releasing is an old idea that I had from back in High School. Aiming for a more broad audience friendly story, I introduce to you the title;

*Disaster on Kiimii St.*

Following the life of a young woman named Kiimii, she swears that she is plagued by bad omens as she goes about her daily life with many mishaps happening around her. Between random unlucky events to things that could be avoided (but unsuccessfully), Kiimii feels the world is out to get her until one day when she meets a young man who changes her life forever. Keep your eye out for this fantastical comedy and join in on the fun when chapters release!

If you want to keep updated be sure to join the newsletter and follow Typhoon Manga on social media platforms. Instagram is quite active now so if you are looking for near daily updates be sure to follow!

I shall see you next time!

Typhoon Manga

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