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Custom Commissions are Open again - Launching a Rebate Sale!

Custom Commissions are now open with a Rebate Sale happening from now until March 31st 2023! As mentioned in the journal on DeviantArt a few days earlier, this Rebate sale will give a certain percentage back after the rebate sale ends in the form of voucher credits to use towards future Typhoon Manga commissions/purchases!


e Rebate sale will be for Custom Commissions only. Depending on the amount you spend on Custom Commissions between this time period you will get 10% to 20% of the amount you spent back as a voucher to spend for future commissions. If you have a currently open commission invoice that has yet to be paid, if you pay for your invoice within this time a rebate will be sent to you.


$1-$499 = 10% Back

$500-$999 = 15% Back

$1,000 + = 20% Back

All rebates will be processed April 2nd 2023 and sent out via email with voucher codes to use. Your commission must be paid in full before you receive the rebate voucher. To get

a rebate you must have made at least one payment on an invoice within the time period between February 13th-March 31st 2023. If an invoice is generated before the sale ends, but does not have any recorded payments before the March 31st deadline, a rebate voucher will not be dispersed as the time to pay within the time period will have ended. Rebate vouchers may not be used on the commission that they're generating from. Coupons and other vouchers (that are not rebate vouchers from the same commission) may be used, however the rebate amount will be based off the total spent, not the total before any discounts are taken off.

If you want to get a commission check out the price sheet below!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them~

Typhoon Manga

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