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Destiny's Calling WoO Chapter 4 Update 8/22/18

Hello everyone! Exciting news regarding Destiny's Calling Wings of Oblivion Chapter 4! I now have a solid release date for it, after nearly a year I am finally able to get some solid work on it and get it finished. So on September 20th, Chapter 4: Ripple will be available to purchase digitally on Amazon! You can read this chapter through your amazon kindle, your smart phone, or tablet.

A little bit about this chapter:

Chidoku is thrown into a world of white abyss. (S)he soon meets up with a mysterious woman who promptly tells Chidoku to leave. After a slurry of emotions Chidoku wakes up in an unknown location without a clue to where they are.

If you want to find out more be sure to stick around for the release date coming soon :D

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