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Destiny's Calling Wings of Oblivion: Dropping the Series Title

Hello everyone,

I have some unfortunate news that I have decided to go through with. Due to the age of the story and resources available currently, I will be dropping the Destiny's Calling Wings of Oblivion Series title.

What this means is that I will no longer be producing new content for this series title. However, this doesn't mean that I won't pick it back up later. I may end up picking it back up and doing a RE: version, considering the first chapter of Volume 1 was done way back in the beginning of 2017 (with the initial first chapter being done in 2013 and was resketched in 2017). I have obviously improved since then and if I decide to pick it back up I will want things to reflect my current style.

I do want to apologize to the current series fans, however this is what I must do, considering all the focus on Blood Maid and possibly other younger audience oriented stories I have plans to come out. Maybe I will make a new DCWOO into a light novel instead of a full graphic, I've always wanted to try out making one. However, it is too early to tell the future of this series.

I will be selling the last of the limited edition stock I have at HaruCon 2019 this year, and if there's still some left over I will put them up online until they're gone.

I do appreciate everyone's support in this story line, and I hope that you will all continue to follow the new stories to come!

Typhoon Manga

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