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The Typhoon Ball (2022-'23) is coming!

Hello everyone!

I am here today with a long awaited announcement regarding this years' Typhoon Ball! After much thought and some awesome circumstances opening up my schedule, I've decided to host this years' Typhoon Ball again~ This event will be a full sized event with some restrictions so that I am still able to keep it manageable with the work load. It will feature 5 new YCH poses, dresses, and one background, along with two new couples YCH's to choose from. There will also be some great new merch generated that I am very excited to share with you all.

This year's event will feature a reduced finish list, with the only available options to purchase being Color Flat and Color Shade. This is to help reduce the work time and hopefully make room for more entries, as this event grows bigger in size every year. While Single, Group, and Couples YCH's will be unlimited in quantity, sequence slots will be restricted and released in limited quantities throughout the event. More information will be posted soon about sequence slots ♥

Custom Commissions will also be opened for PRINCESS Themed portraits (no sequences) only.

Event Punch cards will make their way into the event again with various ways to earn points for prizes! More info coming once the event starts.

Event Passes will go on sale December 12th 2022 and will be on sale until December 18th 2022. All event pass purchasers will gain a week early access to the event, as well as other bonuses that include access to an additional 5 YCH poses, 5 exclusive gem themed dresses, one background, and a 10% off discount on all YCH poses (which is not stackable).


In addition to the regular event passes, there will be a limited run of Diamond Event Passes, of which there will only be 5 available for purchase. This Diamond Event Pass will include all of the standard Event Pass perks, with the addition of x1 Color Flat YCH Voucher (for use within the event, no customizations or add-on's included), x1 Reserved Sequence Slot, and a referral code activation. REFERRAL CODE ACTIVATION: For each person who uses your referral code (max referrals of 5) they get $5 off any TB'22 YCH or Custom, and you get one color flat YCH pose voucher (no customizations or add-on's included)! These referral codes can only be used one time per person/user and cannot be used by other event pass purchasers.

The Standard Event Pass will be $15 each with an unlimited amount until December 18th while the Diamond Event Pass will be $25 each with a limited amount of 5 until December 18th. Once sold out or the time limit has been reached, there will no longer be any way to access the event pass features, so if you want these perks be sure to get them while you can!

Some merch that will be available this year includes:

*A TB'22-23 Collectors Box with:

x1 set of 4 buttons

x1 Notebook

A set of 4 holographic stickers

Your choice of a magnet (Queen/Knight/Typha) Chibi or Non.

x1 Acrlic Keychain (Chibi Queen/Knight/Typha Combo)

x1 Collectible Card Pack (Pack of 7)

x1 Drawstring Bag

-Individual Items

*Stickers: Holographic Individuals and Satin Sheets

*Magnets (Queen/Knight/Typha) Chibi or Non.

*Collectible Card Packs (packs of 7)

*Acrylic Keychains (Chibi Queen, Knight, and Typha Options)

*Acrylic Pins (Chibi Queen, Knight, and Typha Options)

*Laminated Badges (Chibi or Non Queen, Knight, and Typha Options)

*Playmats (One standard and one special edition *limited sale*)

*Button Pins (Sets and Individuals)

*YCH Button Pins

*Acrylic Standee's

All item sales will be subject to wait time due to manufacturers processing times during the holidays. Everything that is required to be sent out to be made will be listed as a pre-order item until merchandise arrives. Items that are subject to wait times are: Collectible Card Packs, Acrylic Keychains, Acrylic Pins, Acrylic Standee's, and Playmats.

For now this is all the information I have for everyone, but more is coming~ Be sure to stay up to date by following me here on DeviantArt, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! I will see you all soon

Typhoon Manga

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Characters Featured: Queen Kachopper, Knight Leaci, Hostess Typha

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