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Welcome everyone, to the 5th annual Typhoon Ball of 2021!  I know today has been a long-awaited day for many, as this event is one that many look forward to each coming year. As mentioned in the announcement post, there are a few things that are different about this year’s Ball, mainly regarding the limited slots that are implemented due to time constraints.

The Typhoon Ball 2021 will last from November 24th to December 8th, during that time there will be five slot release days featuring 2 Sequence and 4 Portrait Slots. There will be a total of 10 sequence slots (YCH’s of 3-5 poses, this includes sequences and group YCH’s *within the limited pose count and characters available for you to use), and 20 Portrait Slots (YCH’s consisting of 1-2 poses, this includes individual portraits, poof sequences, and couples’ portraits) released. These slots will only be available until 1. they’re all taken or 2. the December 8th entry period comes to an end.

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This year we have a staggering number of poses for you to choose from, and if you happened to get the Event Pass, it’s even more! (click on this link if you got the Event Pass to go to the exclusive page! You will need an account) But if you weren’t able to get your hands on one, not to worry~ You still have 7 poses and outfits to choose from, as well as two couples YCH’s to choose between if you wanted your OC’s together or with someone else’s’ OC’s~! There are also two lovely Aurora themed backgrounds to choose from, both of which boast the most loveliest of designs ♥ Also, if you look closely, you can choose from the accessories on the examples to have your characters wear as well! There’s tons in store, and if you are ready, check out the price points and release schedule below~


*Your character must be an OC (Original Character) if you are entering in this event.*

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The release schedule will be as followed:

11/24 – Round One*

11/27 - Round Two*

11/30 – Round Three*

12/03 – Round Four

12/06 – Round Five


The dates with the “*” mark will be limited to one slot per user, to avoid any sort of unfairness. One the fourth round of slots are released however, they will be anyone’s game, including the Event Pass Purchasers.


To check the slot availability, please head over to the post below:


Please note:


• You may only use your slot for one image in total, there will not be an option to chose variations (Example you get a sequence slot with a max pose count of 5, you have to have a single sequence, you cannot divide it up into two with a pose count of 3/2 or any other variation).

• If you get a couples YCH with someone else, there may only be ONE account that is the “main” for the slot. This means that if you are in someone else’s picture, but are not the “main” on the slot, you can still grab a slot for yourself, but the “main” may not obtain another slot until after the fourth round of slots are released.

-This section may be updated with additional information if the need arises.-

Price Points:

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• Color Flat: $17/per pose

• Color Shade: $21/per pose

• Color Single Soft Shade: $32/per pose

• Color Double Soft Shade: $45/per pose


ADD ONS *Event Pass does not discount any of these*:

• Custom Outfit: +$15 Simple Design (2 layers or less) • + $30 Complex Design (3 layers or more) *Per character*

• Emily’s Ballgown Parlor Custom Outfit (Their own prices are not applied to these fees and you will need to get your dress made before hand):  •+$5 Simple Design (2 layers or less) •+$20 Complex design (3 layers or more) *Per character*

• Typhoon Designed Outfit: Give me an idea for theme and I will design an outfit for you~ •+$20 Simple Design (1-2 layers) •+$40 Complex Design (3+ layers) *Per character*

•Outfit/Pose Tweak: +$5/per pose and/or character *Tweaks that include moving a strap will not prompt a fee, however, adding a whole new element will.*

• Previous Typhoon Ball Poses (Within the 5 Max) - +$6/per pose re-draw fee to whichever finish you choose.


General Couples Posesmedwa.png

These particular YCH’s will take up portrait slots, so if there are any available and you want one of these, go ahead and grab them 


Since these are unchangeable poses, the Per Pose model is reduced slightly for these (prices below show the actual price for each YCH dependent on the finish you want. If you are splitting the cost with someone else as a collab, just divide it by 2).



Color Flat: $30

Color Shade: $38

Color Single Soft Shade: $58

Color Double Soft Shade: $81

YCH Form:

Email Address:

Are you collabing with someone? (Y/N):

>If yes: Are you splitting the bill?

>> If yes: What is the collaborator’s email address?

Reference(s) of Character(s):

What poses are you getting? (list in the order you want them to be in):

Flipping any of those poses?:

Finish Method (Color Flat/Shade/etc):

Outfit Wanted (refer to pose letters):

^Please be sure to provide a starting and ending outfit if you are doing a sequence^

    >Starting Outfit:

    >Ending Outfit:

Color Pallet Wanted (Up to 5 Colors) (RGB Code 000,000,000):

Custom Text (separate based on pose/order):

Custom Expressions (separate based on pose/order):

Background Wanted:

Do you want to be sent an approval sketch? (Y/N):

Do you want your YCH to be featured in next years’ collectible card packs? *Contract will need to be signed, no monetary compensation offered.) (Y/N):


*Optional Section:

Guide Gallery: https://www.deviantart.com/typhoon-manga/gallery/64699190/guides

Facial Feature Selection (If wanted from guide above^):

Body Type (Use guide above ^):

Hairstyle, Body Shape, etc.:


Any Add-Ons?:





*Please do keep in mind that since everyone's YCH's are now being sketched individually, there will be inconsistencies between all YCH's and small details.


If you have any questions regarding this feel free to comment or note me!

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Since everything is slot based this year, once you’ve obtained a slot please fill out and send the YCH form below. You will be sent a paypal invoice accordingly~

Get in Touch

Thanks for submitting! We will get back with you soon!

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For more detailed information, click the button to be redirected to the main post:



*Each category has multiple options to choose from that cost the designated amount each. The categories do NOT include all the items for the designated points, you must choose which ones you want for the amount of points.*

•2 Point Category

  • One TB’21 Logo Decal

  • One Laminated TB’21 Chibi Character Badge

  • One TB’21 Chibi Character Sticker

•4 Point Category

  • 10% off store purchase (Excludes YCH’s/Commissions). *Has a year before it expires).

  • One non-holo collectible card from TB’21 collection of your choice.

•10 Point Category

  • Bust Sketch Commission (Must be redeemed while custom commissions are open).

Event Merch

Spring Store

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Spring products are available only through teespring.com as they are made to order through a third party.

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