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Welcome everyone to the Typhoon Ball of 2022-'23!  I know today has been a long-awaited day for many, as this event is one that many look forward to each coming year. Like last year, this year will feature the implementation of Slots, mainly towards 3, 4, and 5 pose sequences. All Group, Single, Couples, and 2 Pose Poof Sequences will be available to grab in unlimited quantities.

The Typhoon Ball 2022-'23 will last from December 26th 2022 to January 9th 2023, during that time there will be slot release days (to be announced) featuring 3 categories of Sequence Slots. 

This year we have a new selection of poses for you to choose from, and if you happened to get the Event Pass, it’s even more! (click on this link if you got the Event Pass to go to the exclusive page! You will need an account.) But if you weren’t able to get your hands on one, not to worry~ You still have 5 poses and outfits to choose from, as well as one couples YCH to choose from and decide if you wanted your OC’s together or with someone else’s’ OC’s~! There are also two backgrounds to choose from, both of which I am very proud of this year. There’s tons in store, and if you are ready, check out the price points and release schedule below~


*Your character must be an OC (Original Character) if you are entering in this event.*

Event Punch Chard.png

-How to earn Event Punch Card Points:

  1. Share event posts for 1 point per post/tag (no duplicates will be counted).

  2. Attend Work Streams for 2 points per check in.

  3. Join the Design Contest for 4 points.

  4. Play the Shining Star Bingo for a chance to win points.

  5. Purchase a Typhoon Ball 2022 YCH for 6 points.

  6. Purchase a Typhoon Ball 2022 Custom Commission for 10 points.

Event Punch Card

Similarly to last year you can earn points for your punch card through various methods and redeem your points during the course of the Typhoon Ball.

You can obtain a punch card simply by purchasing a YCH or Custom Commission from the Typhoon Ball 2022-23 Event. All Event Pass purchasers already have a punch card attached to their codes.


*Each category has multiple options to choose from that cost the designated amount each. The categories do NOT include all the items for the designated points, you must choose which ones you want for the amount of points.*


  • 5 Points each:

    • X1 Laminated Badge of your choice

    • X1 Holographic sticker

    • X1 Collectors button of your choice

    • 5% off x1 YCH (non-stackable)

  • 10 Points each:

    • X1 magnet of your choice

    • Full Holographic Sticker Set

    • Promo Collectors Card Pack (3 cards in each pack)

    • 25% off a custom dress design (simple, non-Typhoon Design)

  • 20 Points Each:

    • 15% off a Typhoon Ball YCH Purchase (only within the entry deadline period)

    • X1 Event Poster (Signed)

    • $10 voucher towards any Typhoon Manga purchase (store or commission based).


Due to time restrictions, Color Flat and Color Shade Options are the only two that are available to accommodate entry rate

• Color Flat: $20/per pose

• Color Shade: $26/per pose


ADD ONS *Event Pass does not discount any of these*:

• Custom Outfit: +$15 Simple Design (2 layers or less) • + $30 Complex Design (3 layers or more) *Per character*

• Typhoon Designed Outfit: Give me an idea for theme and I will design an outfit for you~ •+$20 Simple Design (1-2 layers) •+$40 Complex Design (3+ layers) *Per character*

•Outfit/Pose Tweak: +$5/per pose and/or character *Tweaks that include moving a strap will not prompt a fee, however, adding a whole new element will.*

• Previous Typhoon Ball Poses (Within the 5 Max) - +$6/per pose re-draw fee to whichever finish you choose.


Custom Commission Price Points (PRINCESS THEME ONLY) *No Sequences, only portraits/groups of 3*

  • Bust: CF- $19/ea CS- $28/ea

  • 1/2 Body: CF- $30/ea CS- $39/ea

  • Full Body: CF- $35/ea CS- $44/ea


*All price points are done per pose/each, so if you have multiple characters, you will need to pay for each character individually according to how many poses you want.

Price Points:

Knight Leacimed.png
Kachopper Queenmed.png
general couples ychwa.png

Couples YCH


*This particular YCH will not take up sequence slots.


Since these are unchangeable poses, the Per Pose model is reduced slightly for these (prices below show the actual price for each YCH dependent on the finish you want. If you are splitting the cost with someone else as a collab, just divide it by 2).



Color Flat: $36

Color Shade: $48

If you have a partner with an Event Pass, their 10% off will apply once to the overall price, and if you split it, it will be split after the 10% off has been applied.

Selfie with
the Royals YCH

This year I have an awesome YCH featuring all the previous Royals, and now is your chance to get a selfie with them! Your character will be in Kumo's spot (which it's crazy to think it's been a solid 4 years since I last drew her!) and you can choose to have a selfie with any one of the Royals! If you want to do multiple with the same character it is an extra $5 per character. If you want to do multiple characters, it will be a brand new charge.

Since this is a half body non adjustable pose, price points are adjusted to match~

Color Flat- $16/ea
Color Shade $22/ea

Additional Royals: +$5/ea

When you've chosen your royal, please be sure to fill out the YCH form below and submit it to me either via Note or email through the TyphoonManga Website~

Selfie Example.png
Slot Availability

Sequence Slots will be done a little differently this year and will be broken down into 3 different categories: 3 Poses, 4 Poses, and 5 Poses. A single user can only claim one slot per release until the next release is open.

Please keep in mind that Sequence Slots are first come first serve, which means that you will have 12 hours to pay for the slot in order to reserve it. Although having a YCH Form filled out before hand is preferred, since these are limited you may pay to reserve a slot and submit your YCH form at an acceptable later time (within 24 hours preferred so I can get started on it). All Couples, Singles, and Poof Sequences are unlimited in quantity and do not require a Slot to obtain.

*Slots will not apply to Individual, Couples, Groups, or 2 Pose Poofs, only 3,4, and 5 pose sequences.*

Click the button below to check out the page and reserve your slot!

Extra Curriculars 
Princess Dress Design Contest

Design a dress for a chance to win some cool Typhoon Manga perks! There will be three winners chosen, with the grand prize winner to receive a $25 gift voucher towards anything in the Typhoon Manga online store or towards YCH/Custom Commission Purchases. All three winning designs will be featured in the next Typhoon Ball outfit roster for our Princesses to wear to the Ball! Designs must be rendered on a mannequin base and cannot be a duplicate winning entry to any other previous contest.​​


Shining Star Bingo

Once daily two bingo numbers will be announced to players who have obtained a bingo card. These numbers will only be announced in the Typhoon Manga Discord and people who enter prior to December 26th will be able to play (as their player bingo card will need to be rendered and sent out). 

Event Work Streams have been updated!

YCH Form:

Email Address:

Are you collabing with someone? (Y/N):

>If yes: Are you splitting the bill?

>> If yes: What is the collaborator’s email address?

Reference(s) of Character(s):

What poses are you getting? (list in the order you want them to be in):

Flipping any of those poses?:

Finish Method (Color Flat/Shade/etc):

Outfit Wanted (refer to pose letters):

^Please be sure to provide a starting and ending outfit if you are doing a sequence^

    >Starting Outfit:

    >Ending Outfit:

Color Pallet Wanted (Up to 5 Colors) (RGB Code 000,000,000):

Custom Text (separate based on pose/order):

Custom Expressions (separate based on pose/order):

Background Wanted:

Do you want to be sent an approval sketch? (Y/N):

Do you want your YCH to be featured in next years’ collectible card packs? *Contract will need to be signed, no monetary compensation offered.) (Y/N):


*Optional Section:

Guide Gallery:

Facial Feature Selection (If wanted from guide above^):

Body Type (Use guide above ^):

Hairstyle, Body Shape, etc.:


Any Add-Ons?:





*Please do keep in mind that since everyone's YCH's are now being sketched individually, there will be inconsistencies between all YCH's and small details.


If you have any questions regarding this feel free to comment or note me!

Starlight Typhamed.png

Since everything is slot based this year, once you’ve obtained a slot please fill out and send the YCH form below. You will be sent a paypal invoice accordingly~

Get in Touch

Thanks for submitting! We will get back with you soon!

Event Merch

More Merch coming soon!

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