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The time has finally come! Typhoon Manga is now designing playmats for card gamers like yourself!


The Typhoon Ball 2022-2023 is finally here and with a stunning new Playmat! This Playmat will be available as a pre-order until December 26th 2022, and all Pre-Orders will come with a set of Holographic Typhoon Ball 2022-2023 Stickers featuring Chibi Typha, Queen Kachopper, and Knight Leaci!


There are currently a few in production and is waiting to be shipped. Due to the holidays, production time will be longer to fulfill, so the earlier you place a pre-order, the sooner your Playmat will be delivered.

The playmat will feature a smooth top with a rubber bottom that is sutible for any type of card game you wish to use it with. It will be machine washable and can be used as either a playmat or an oversized mousepad. Once the example is here, a real life picture will be uploaded to the preview images. The watermark will NOT be included in the final print 

Playmat: TB'22-'23 Event Edition

SKU: TB22SPlaymat
  • This will be avaialable to pre-order until December 26th 2022, all Pre-Orders will include a set of Chibi holographic Typha, Queen Kachopper, and Knight Leaci stickers! If more orders are recieved than expected, there may be more pre-order bonuses included. 


    After the Pre-Order date has been reached, all orders will be standard and only come with the Playmat. 

  • Since there were no pre-orders during the time period, these play mats will be made to order until January 31st 2023, after which they will no longer be available to purchase.

    All orders will come with a Typhoon Ball 2022-2023 logo sticker.

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