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Ezta is a Blood Maid specifically bred to serve Alina, the Queen's Elect of the Kelniva Region. Blood Maids are humans in servitude to vampires for the sole purpose of providing them with blood. However, Ezta is a special Blood Maid being that she can produce an over abundance of blood for many to feed off of, yet only belongs to Alina. Follow her story as hurdles arise with the other regions, and as protests start to break out against the oppression of human kind. Dive into a world where vampires rule with humans in oppression to their whims and see the story unfold as it twists and turns in an alluring dark world.


Feeling uncomfortable, Ezta meets a new human with the title of Master Potion Maker. After finishing up business with the shop she soon runs into a group of tyrants preaching to get rid of her Vampire masters.

Blood Maid Volume 1 Chapter 3

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