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Tip for Commissions in Incriments of: $5


To adjust for multiple dollars, simply increase the quantity before checking out.

Commissions Tip $5

  • Tipping isn't required but it is truly appreciated in the artist industry. Thank you for your generosity! 

    Tips are non-refundable, meaning if you place an order with a tip, and end up getting a refund on the order, your order will be partially refunded with the tip amount being subtracted from the refund. 


    Tips also generate automatic reward points.


    You can adjust the amount of tip that you wish to give before checkout by hovering over the quantity box and selecting how much you want to give. 


    You can create any amount of tip by choosing between the $1, $5, and $10 categories. EX. You want to give a $28 tip you would select the $10 with a quantity of 2, the $5 with the quantity of 1, and the $1 with the quantity of 3.

  • You will recieve this badge for your profile if you've made at least one tip/donation.

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