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February 2021 Update

Hello everyone!

I am here today with a February Update, since everything I mentioned in the Blog on my website has now come to fruition. I will also be sending out a newsletter email later today, so if you would like to join the newsletter be sure to sign up for the latest updates :D

The first thing I want to mention in this journal is that Custom Commissions have been re-opened! If you were thinking about grabbing something, be sure to refer to the slot list to make sure there's a slot open for you. Clicking the link below will also send you to my custom commissions pricing page, where you can find out how much your project will cost.

I currently do not have custom commissions set up to receive rewards points on my website, so the rewards coupons you get will not be applicable to custom commissions at this time. (There would be no way for me to take it off of your account, it can only be subtracted via website purchase).

The next things I want to briefly touch on are things that I have already mentioned in previous posts. First up is the Valentines Day Event 2021, which will run until Valentines Day. There are 4 ways to join in on this event, which can be seen in the hub. I am thinking about posting everything individually in the end to showcase everything like normal (because I know some people don't like to go to other websites). So far there are 4 slots taken in the Group YCH, if all 12 poses are taken it will be finished in a Color Single Soft Shade!

The next thing to touch on is Project Manga! It has re-launched and is moving right along with it's new format. For $5 a month (until you cancel) you gain access to perks like ahead preview WIP's, bonus rewards points, a rotating manga library, and for the first 10 people who join- a Chibi Head (CF) Avatar Icon! I do plan on working on the chapter cover this Monday during the stream, so if you want to help support, check it out!

Things are bound to get really busy for me, as I have attained a part-time job and I am going through quite a bit of training. If you have any questions feel free to message or comment and I will try to get back with you as soon as possible ♥

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Typhoon Manga

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