Typhoon Ball 2019 is finally here!

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Hello everyone!

The time has come- Typhoon Ball 2019 is finally here!

With over 70+ hours of prep work, and still a few more things to do, I am proud to release this extra long ad that features many of the stuff that this years' event has in store. For this years 4th annual Typhoon Ball, needless to say I went all out! Read below for more detailed descriptions for each category.

But first! A few rules and info bits for this years' Typhoon Ball-

1. When entering in any of these you must use OC's only! No look-a-likes to popular trademarked/copyrighted characters. Reason being is that you technically do not hold the rights to use those characters, therefore I can get in trouble for accepting payment to draw them in this event with as big as it is.  Please have a clear reference image that is full body and cleaned up- no super messy sketches that are hard to get basic details from.

2. Be kind to everyone. This event welcomes to all walks of life, including yours. If you are caught cyber bullying or making threats of any sort, you may be subject to being barred/banned from this years' event and future events.

3. This event is on multiple platforms, though will carry a lot of the same information. I would be ever so grateful if you could share and get the word out about this event ♥

4. The examples shown are sketchy previews on purpose, your finished YCH will not look like the preview, in fact 10005% better than the preview! ♥


And with that out of the way, let's begin! As usual, there is a YCH pose selection list in which you can choose to get a single, group picture, or a sequence from! Here are the price points of this years' event YCH's! 

BASE PRICES ***********

Color Flat $15/ea 


Color Shade $20/ea


Color Single Soft Shade $30/ea


Color Double Soft Shade $45/ea


Maximum pose count for sequences: 5 POSES  Maximum pose count for group pictures: 8 POSES Backgrounds are included in the price.

ADD ON's ********

Previous Typhoon Ball Poses: Additional +$3 for each pose you get on top of the base fee


Pose Tweak: +$3 per pose *Tweaks that include reducing size of the pose or a specific limb will not prompt a fee, however moving/changing an entire limb to a different position will.*


Outfit Tweak: +$5 *Tweaks that include moving a strap will not prompt a fee, however adding a whole new element to it will.*


Custom Outfit Fee: +$7 (per outfit) any finish


Typhoon Design: +$10 Any Finish

(Or Previous TB Event Couple Pose Redraw) *Have Typhoon Manga design a unique outfit for you based on your preferences and tastes.*


*Clarification: For a sequence this is only 1 additional fee. For a group picture, each character that gets a Typhoon Design is an additional fee. EX. 5 characters are getting T