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Typhoon Ball 2019 is finally here!

*For the intractable version click here*

Hello everyone!

The time has come- Typhoon Ball 2019 is finally here!

With over 70+ hours of prep work, and still a few more things to do, I am proud to release this extra long ad that features many of the stuff that this years' event has in store. For this years 4th annual Typhoon Ball, needless to say I went all out! Read below for more detailed descriptions for each category.

But first! A few rules and info bits for this years' Typhoon Ball-

1. When entering in any of these you must use OC's only! No look-a-likes to popular trademarked/copyrighted characters. Reason being is that you technically do not hold the rights to use those characters, therefore I can get in trouble for accepting payment to draw them in this event with as big as it is.  Please have a clear reference image that is full body and cleaned up- no super messy sketches that are hard to get basic details from.

2. Be kind to everyone. This event welcomes to all walks of life, including yours. If you are caught cyber bullying or making threats of any sort, you may be subject to being barred/banned from this years' event and future events.

3. This event is on multiple platforms, though will carry a lot of the same information. I would be ever so grateful if you could share and get the word out about this event ♥

4. The examples shown are sketchy previews on purpose, your finished YCH will not look like the preview, in fact 10005% better than the preview! ♥


And with that out of the way, let's begin! As usual, there is a YCH pose selection list in which you can choose to get a single, group picture, or a sequence from! Here are the price points of this years' event YCH's! 

BASE PRICES ***********

Color Flat $15/ea 

Color Shade $20/ea

Color Single Soft Shade $30/ea

Color Double Soft Shade $45/ea

Maximum pose count for sequences: 5 POSES  Maximum pose count for group pictures: 8 POSES Backgrounds are included in the price.

ADD ON's ********

Previous Typhoon Ball Poses: Additional +$3 for each pose you get on top of the base fee

Pose Tweak: +$3 per pose *Tweaks that include reducing size of the pose or a specific limb will not prompt a fee, however moving/changing an entire limb to a different position will.*

Outfit Tweak: +$5 *Tweaks that include moving a strap will not prompt a fee, however adding a whole new element to it will.*

Custom Outfit Fee: +$7 (per outfit) any finish

Typhoon Design: +$10 Any Finish

(Or Previous TB Event Couple Pose Redraw) *Have Typhoon Manga design a unique outfit for you based on your preferences and tastes.*

*Clarification: For a sequence this is only 1 additional fee. For a group picture, each character that gets a Typhoon Design is an additional fee. EX. 5 characters are getting Typhoon Designs. 5x10=+$50 additional to the pose count. However, if you want two or more characters to wear one Typhoon Design then it's only one additional charge since there is no redesign/new custom fit. EX. 3 characters, 1 Typhoon Design, all 3 wear the same one, one $10 charge.


I am trying something new for the checkout system this year. Instead of people noting the YCH form to me and having to wait for me to invoice them, you may now purchase everything through my website! There will be a dedicated section on the Typhoon Manga shop to the Typhoon Ball during the duration of the entry period.  If you bought a Princess Pass, you can input your unique code in the promo section to receive the discount from the Princess Pass! 

The checkout method is simple, you choose your base price finish and select how many poses that you want via the quantity wanted drop down. Keep in mind 1 = 1 pose so if you fill out the YCH form to have multiple you will be prompted to either choose the pose you paid for or pay the extra needed to cover the rest of your desired sequence. After that you will choose your add ons if you have any and check out like normal! The payment method is all through PayPal so it makes it easy for everyone ♥ You will be required to fill out your YCH form so that I have all the information needed; Please put the YCH form in the "Special Instructions" or memo box (whichever one it has), or email/note it. If I do not receive one with it I will contact you through the provided email address or account.

To start shopping head on over to


There is also a 5 page promo manga for the Typhoon Ball! To check it out I will be posting the first page on here and the rest on the event page of the Typhoon Ball publicly for viewing pleasure! ♥ There will also be other outlets I will be posting it in it's entirety, I just figured I needed to lessen the amount of bulk posts on here for the time being with the event starting xD



Also join in on the fun with some new Couples poses! One is a re-draw of a 2017 pose and the other one is new! Price points for all the couples YCH's will be in the couples specific link below.



You can also win this awesome White Rose Princess Special Outfit via bid! I have a new system that I am using for bidding, so instead of tiers won with specific items, the dress will be an added on fee for whichever price you win it for! You can also get add ons like a custom pose for your YCH, a special background, and even a small reference sheet!

To bid, click on the Stash link and comment in the comment section of it. The bid will start at $5 and the Minimum Increase will be $1. All extra info like the add on prices and bid ending time will be in the description of the stash link ^^


As always, there are new dresses to choose from for this years' ball! You can also choose from previous Typhoon Ball Gowns for no extra fee, as these designs can be used without no extra cost in the Typhoon Ball event. 

Dress Selection Hub with all links TBU

Please keep in mind that if you wish to make any design tweaks to these dresses it will be an added on fee as stated above ♥


Something new and fun for this year as well-

A Scavenger Hunt Mini Activity, starting November 25th! Collect all 10 stamps to win an awesome prize! To collect you must search through the platforms that Typhoon Manga is on and find hidden links! Once you collect all 10 you will win a prize based on the information in the main post. More information coming soon on November 25th ^^


Join another Group YCH- Arriving at the Typhoon Ball!

This time, they're full characters rather than chibis like the last group YCH. The finish will also be determined based on how many slots are filled. There are 16 total slots that can be taken, and I am planning on doing a few sketch streams separate from the Typhoon Ball main event stream. The stream will be set for December 22nd 2019 at 12 PM PDT

A stream schedule will be posted in December :D

Click here to see all the info!


And last but not least, you can now get your limited edition event merch for the Typhoon Ball 2019 on Tee Spring! There are a few items I plan on creating towards the end of the event, but for the most part TeeSpring will be the place to go if you want to get some awesome stuff ♥

To see all the merch and even more designs, check out my TeeSpring Storefront!

I know that this is a long post but there was soooo much content that I wanted to create for you awesome people, it couldn't be helped! ^^' 

There is one more thing that still need to work on and that is a new Animated Icon YCH. There will be a few options to choose from so be sure to keep a look out for when they release :D


The Queens' Dress and Knights Shining Armor is already pre-designed but will not be announced until December 28th.

Entry Period for the event is from November 20th to December 29th, after which the event will be closed to new entries to work on excess and prepare for the Typhoon Ball 2019 event stream on January 5th 2020 (unless otherwise stated).


If anyone has any questions at all feel free to note me! I will see all of you princesses soon ♥♥♥

Characters belong to:

@YoshiMan555 (Avie) @Typhoon-Manga (Typha)

Do not use without permission.

All artwork is ©2019 by @Typhoon-Manga do not use, copy, steal, trace, tamper with, or redistribute.

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